Enable rentals on EVM for your project

StreamNFT Rental Marketplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Project Onboarding To get started with renting your project or collection through StreamNFT, please complete the onboarding process by filling out the form at the following link: Onboard Your Project.

Onboarding Automation Coming Soon on Application

  1. Project Integration Effortlessly incorporate StreamNFT rentals into your project by fine-tuning the method of retrieving NFT data such as NFT Owner, NFT Rentee, etc. to align with your unique specifications. Below integration methods seamlessly enables querying the owner and renter details, empowering your project to deliver utility throughout its tenure. Please choose your data query method:

  • Data Indexer: If project uses managed or external data indexer for NFT queries

  • On-Chain calls: If project uses on-chain calls of ERC721 or ERC1155

Projects using ERC7066 NFT tokens require no code integration for enabling NFT rentals. StreamNFT enables on-chain asset transfer by taking advantage of NFT locking. Fill the form and you are ready for Rentals!

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