💰Utility Protocol

Offer utility, rewards or any value to holders post mint to increase engagement

In the dynamic landscape of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the benefit protocol emerges as a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing post-mint NFT experiences and fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders within the NFT ecosystem. Its primary objective is to establish an infrastructure that allows NFT collections, brands, GameFi projects, and DAOs to offer tangible benefits to any NFT collection, while enabling retail and investor holders to easily access and redeem these benefits.

Unveiling the Assumptions

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of utility, the benefit protocol operates on the premise that some aspects will remain on-chain, while others may extend into the off-chain realm. This strategic approach enables a flexible and inclusive utility framework that accommodates a wide range of offerings. The envisioned benefits include both tangible and intangible elements, such as physical products, exclusive access to events, promo codes, services like consultations, and voting rights. These utilities are designed to enrich the NFT experience and create tangible value for both creators and holders.

Examples of On-chain and Off-chain Benefits:

  1. Physical Products Exclusive Access: Merchandise that extends the NFT experience into the physical realm.

  2. Promo or Discount Codes: Providing holders with exclusive discounts on associated products or services.

  3. Services like 1-1 Consultations: NFT holders gain access to personalized consultations.

  4. Access to Events ( IRL/Digital ), Communities, and Digital Content: Exclusive entry to real-world events and virtual engagements, fostering a sense of community. Unlocking premium digital content as an exclusive benefit for NFT holders.

  5. Voting Rights (On-chain): Empowering NFT holders with decision-making capabilities within the ecosystem.

  6. Opportunities for New Projects: NFT collections serve as gateways for new projects to gain exposure and engagement.

What Value Benefit Protocol Adds?

In a crowded NFT landscape, simply minting unique artwork is no longer enough to guarantee long-term success. Post-mint benefits serves as a powerful tool to:

  • Increase engagement: By providing exclusive access to content, experiences, or communities, NFT holders are incentivized to stay involved with the project.

  • Boost perceived value: The addition of ongoing utility strengthens the perception of an NFT's value, potentially leading to price appreciation and increased demand.

  • Foster community: Shared utility can create a sense of belonging and community among NFT holders, fostering a more loyal and invested user base.

How does it assist different Stakeholders? Benefit protocol brings together a diverse set of stakeholders, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the collaborative landscape:

  • NFT Collections: Entities with limited utility within their NFTs, seeking to enhance the value proposition for their holders.

  • Brands: Eager to promote their utility offerings through collaboration with NFT collections or games.

  • GameFi: Seeking to expand its reach by distributing games among new audiences through NFT partnerships. Allow NFT holders to use their NFTs as avatars within a gamified space exploration experience, earning rewards and unlocking new content.

  • DAOs: Attracting specific collection holders to participate in decentralized decision-making and governance.

  • Retail/Investor Holders: End users who stand to benefit directly by redeeming the utilities embedded within their NFT holdings.

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