📚Step By Step Loan tutorial

Welcome to StreamNFT's Loan demo!

Get started by Picking a chain of your choice

1. Click here to reveal drop down list of supported chains

2. Choose a Chain

1. Click on "Loan" to access the Loan window

2. Get started by clicking on "Connect".

3. Click on "Lend" to explore Liquidity pools

4. Explore collections and Choose a collection to deploy capital

5. Choose collection

6. You can also explore multiple liquidity pools

7. Click on Lend to provide Liquidity

8. Specify Desired Loan Amount

9. Input the number of Loans you'd like to back

10. Confirm your choices by clicking on "Lend".

11. Success message appears confirming transaction

12. Modify your Offers by clicking on "Offers".

13. Modify offers under Edit or cancel them by clicking on this popup

14. You can update Offer amount

15. You can also update number of offers

16. Click on "Save" if satisfied with new Loan conditions

17. Scan multiple Pools and loan offers

18. Browse through all offers available

19. Scan all available pools

20. Click on "Borrow" once liquidity pool is finalized

21. Select NFT as Collateral

22. Click on "Borrow Capital" if satisfied with Loan conditions

23. Click on "Loans" to manage Loan active loans

24. You can have a quick overview of Loan repayment conditions

25. Repay Capital to get NFT back, NFT returns to Lender if loan is not repaid in time

26. Click on "Borrow"

27. Click on "NFT Listing to access custom Loan offer window

28. Click on "Place Offer".

29. Select NFT as collateral

30. Specify Desired Loan Amount

31. Choose from drop-down or Specify your own interest rate

32. Choose from drop-down or Specify your own interest rate

33. Click on "Borrow Offer".

34. Success message confirms Transaction

35. Click on "Lend".

36. Click on the drop down

37. Click on "NFT Listing" to access Custom Loan offer section

38. Click on "Accept" if Satisfied by custom Loan conditions

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