🤝NFT Rentals

Owner can transfer NFT to a borrower with zero collateral

No Collateral NFT Rentals:

NFT renting is a way of granting temporary access to an NFT for a fee. Users get to enjoy the utility and benefits of an NFT without owning it permanently and allows NFT owners to earn passive income from their NFTs without selling them.

Case Study

No Collateral NFT Rentals of In-game Assets:

Enables NFT holders to lend their one-of-a-kind in-game assets to other gamers, thus enabling them access for a specific time. Games can attract wider participation by removing entry barriers i.e. insufficient capital or non-availability of NFT. Our 10+ demand channel partners (i.e. Guilds, Wallets, Communities) amplify the distribution of rentable NFTs Features: Guild Onboarding, Private Rentals, Custom Payment Token, Partner Fees

Case Study :

The NFT rental case study explores the innovative application of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the GameFi rental industry, highlighting the benefits and challenges associated with this emerging trend Problem :

  • High Entry Barriers: The exorbitant prices of NFTs create a significant barrier for student gamers and those from developing nations.

  • Low Asset Utilization: The concentrated distribution of assets limits the NFTs' contribution to the game economy, with a considerable percentage of holders remaining inactive.

  • Monetization Challenges: The lack of avenues for monetization from the secondary market hampers the full potential of NFT mechanics.

Solution :

Implementing a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT sharing model aims to address these challenges, allowing gamers to earn passive income from idle NFTs.

  • Monetization: Projects can earn royalties from a secondary NFT sharing model by setting up partner fees

  • Accessible Ownership: NFT rentals allow individuals to experience ownership of high-value assets without the financial burden

  • Increased Engagement and Distribution: NFT sharing lets more gamers interact with rare experiences, creating a long tail of gamers who would buy NFTs that might result in high buy pressure

  • Custom Payment Token: Integration with in-game tokens enables a custom payment feature, potentially appreciating the value of tokens through transactions during rentals.

  • Increased Liquidity: Enables owners to unlock liquidity by renting out assets without selling them

Features :

  • Guild Onboarding: Distributing rental NFTs through guilds broadens the distribution reach, engaging a wider audience

  • Private Rentals: NFT sharing among whitelisted addresses allows guilds to collaborate with scholars and individual gamers to form micro guilds for NFT sharing

Conclusion: The NFT rental case study underscores the potential to enhance engagement and financial inclusivity within the gaming community. It not only offers a solution to entry barriers but also provides game developers with a novel approach to distributing assets widely and introduces additional layers of monetization. The combined benefits of increased liquidity, accessible ownership, and streamlined processes make NFT rentals a promising frontier for ongoing exploration and innovation in the gaming industry

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