📚Step By Step Rent Tutorial

Welcome to StreamNFT's Rental Demo! Follow this guide to Unlock the true power of your NFTs

Get started by Picking a chain of your choice

1. Click here to reveal drop down list of supported chains

2. Choose a Chain


1. Click on "Rent" to access the rental window

2. You can browse through collections

3. Get started by clicking on "Connect"

4. Select a Collection by clicking on the "Collection name"

5. Click on "My assets" to manage and lend NFTs

6. Click on "Owned" to view assets owned by you

7. Click on "Lend" to make NFT available for rentals

8. Specify the "Lend Duration"

9. Specify the rent duration condition, select fixed if you want to restrict renter

10. Specify the "Rent price"

11. List addresses if you want to rent out privately

12. Click on Lend to confirm the transaction after defining lend conditions

13. Next up, click on 'listed' to view the asset you have lent to protocol

14. Click here to cancel listing and take asset back from protocol

15. Then, click on "Cancel".

16. Click on "Marketplace" to view rentable NFTs

17. browse NFT and click on Rent to rent your preferred NFT

18. Specify the duration for which you want to rent the asset

19. Click on "Rent" If rental conditions are agreed

20. Click on "My Rentals" to manage rented assets

21. Click on "Rented" to view all rented NFTs from this collection

22. Click on "My Rentals" to manage my Rentals

23. You can manage your rented assets here

This workflow was created with Supademo.

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