Token Gated Matchmaking

Ways to enable token gated matchmaking with tokens as NFT rewards: 1. ERC721: tokens are moved to an escrow account, afterwards a match room is created. Tokens are moved to match winners after match completion. 2. ERC7066: tokens are locked in user wallets to create a match room and transferred to the match winner.

Added advantage of using ERC7066 is project access to integration-less NFT liquidity solutions requiring 0 dev efforts.


  1. Get signer

// function to get user signer from wallet
// function to get user signer from privatekey
  1. Join room

// function to create/join a room
// @param is userId of player
// @param user.address user wallet address
// @param tokenAddress contract address of NFT
// @param tokenId token Id owned by user
// @param user.signer provides a wallet instance to sign txn
// @param roomSize number of players needed to create a room
// @returns userId of winner
await streamSDK.joinRoom(, user.address, tokenAddress, tokenId, user.signer, roomSize) returns {roomId,userId}
  1. Claim match reward

// function to share winnings to winner
// @param roomId roomId of match
// @param user.address user wallet address
await streamSDK.winnerClaim(roomId, user.address);

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