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Scalability Layer for NFT economy enabling increased liquidity & utility

We enable NFT creators in delivering liquid assets

StreamNFT is building a liquidity layer for NFTs to unlock value transfer across chains and protocols. It is to be believed that the next set of NFT adoption will be brought by the utilitarian aspect and we look to provide an Infrastructure to power the next generation of NFTs.
Our liquidity layer is powered by a set of protocols that are composable and deployed across chains. The protocol includes collateral-free rent and loans, to begin with. NFT creators/developers can consume SDK to access protocols and host rent, and loan marketplace within their ecosystem.
StreamNFT - Scalability layer for NFT economy

A Primer on NFTs

The market opportunity in the NFT space is substantial and poised to be even larger than many currently perceive. Presently, there's approximately $10 billion locked in NFTs, yet only about 15% of these digital assets serve a tangible purpose, while the majority remain illiquid and speculative in value. However, the future potential of the NFT market is incredibly promising, with estimates projecting a staggering $130 billion valuation by 2030.
One of the key drivers of this burgeoning market is the Web3 gaming sector, which is anticipated to experience exceptional growth, expanding from its current $4.6 billion to an astonishing $65 billion by 2027. The gaming industry is just one facet of the NFT ecosystem, and there are numerous untapped possibilities awaiting exploration. As the metaverse continues to evolve, NFTs could revolutionize rental commerce for digital wearables and virtual land spaces. Additionally, the tokenization of physical assets offers a new avenue for NFT utilization, facilitating rental demand in the physical world.
Moreover, as the average NFT holding period continues to increase (currently at 35 days), users will increasingly seek short-term liquidity and additional utility for their NFT holdings. This demand can be effectively met by innovative solutions like our loan protocol, providing instant borrowing options to NFT holders. Furthermore, the protocol has the potential to offer Utility services to further expand and enhance the NFT economy. In essence, the NFT market not only promises substantial growth but also has the potential to create new markets and redefine how we interact with digital and physical assets.

Why StreamNFT?

The future for blockchain art and collectibles is undoubtedly bright, but what is perhaps more intriguing is that for all of the other potential NFT use cases. But the developer/NFT creator has less developer tooling to deliver Defi NFTs to their holders and relies on royalties for revenue. There is no way to add a Utility post mint for a developer. Additionally, writing custom contracts is a high cost and security risk. To save developer efforts in providing liquid NFTs to their holders, StreamNFT has developed a set of protocols to maximize liquidity & utility across the chain and protocol.
In essence, the current landscape represents a unique opportunity for our company to step in and lay the necessary groundwork, offering the essential infrastructure and support that the growing NFT market requires. This is the right moment to build a foundation for the future of NFTs and empower creators and developers to maximize the potential of this dynamic and evolving ecosystem.
Our company is strategically positioned to address these burgeoning needs and challenges within the NFT ecosystem. We are dedicated to tackling the critical infrastructure issues that have hindered the full realization of NFT potential. Our goal is to optimize the liquidity and utility of NFTs, making them more accessible and valuable for a diverse range of creators and developers across various domains, including GameFi, RWA, Collectibles, and Brands. We are chain-agnostic, focusing on providing comprehensive support to the ever-expanding NFT ecosystem.
The timing for our company is ideal for several compelling reasons. Currently, the NFT market has not yet fully realized its potential in terms of widespread utility. Moreover, there is a substantial influx of entertainment-focused games and brands scheduled for launch in the upcoming years. We anticipate that the number of participants in the NFT market is set to increase dramatically, possibly by a factor of 50, over the next five years. These participants will require both liquidity and utility for their NFT assets.