API Integration for Rent Application with StreamNFT

StreamNFT effortlessly accommodates metaplex NFTs and pNFTs, fostering a peer-to-peer rental ecosystem without the need for any explicit integration on the part of projects to support NFT rentals on StreamNFT hosted Rental Marketplace. StreamNFT provides a truly decentralized and escrowless solution, enabling out of the box support for solana based NFT projects.

Project Onboarding:

StreamNFT brings customisation to collection owner to define: protocol treasury, protocol fee percentage, and payment token type. To get started with renting your project or collection through StreamNFT hosted Dapp. please complete the onboarding process by filling out the form at the following link: Onboard Your Project.

Onboarding Automation Coming Soon on Application

To host application within own ecosystem, explore SDK integration guide here and API guide here

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