👾Rental Integration

Enable rentals for your project or collection

NFT Rental Integration Overview

Projects have the flexibility to choose between hosting a rental marketplace on the StreamNFT Dapp or seamlessly integrating it into their game or project environment.

Integrate Rentals and host on StreamNFT Marketplace in 10 mins

Benefits of Hosting Rental marketplace with StreamNFT
  • Get live in 5 mins

  • No need to incur hefty cloud infra hosting cost

  • Cross promotion of NFTs who are engaged with other games

  • Marketplace can be deployed on project specific sub domain with brand specific guidelines ( Example : darkforest.streamnft.tech )

If you are looking to integrate NFT rentals within your own infrastructure please refer to API and SDK support for comprehensive list of functions

StreamNFT Rental Marketplace ( 10 Mins Integration )

StreamNFT introduces peer-to-peer rentals, offering customization options for collection owners to define parameters such as the protocol treasury, protocol fee percentage, and payment token type.

StreamNFT rentals supports both the EVM and Solana ecosystems. Explore the integration methods provided below to effortlessly incorporate StreamNFT rentals for your project's NFT collection and get live in 10 mins.

Rental marketplace can be accessed here to get list of all associated NFT collections.

To list your collections on the marketplace, complete the onboarding process by filling out the form at the following link: Onboard Your Project. Onboarding Automation Coming Soon on Application

For any queries or assistance, feel free to reach Piyush ( CTO ) on Telegram @PiyushChittara

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