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StreamNFT Protocol

NFT 2.0 : Composable Cross-chain Liquidity & Utility Protocol
StreamNFT is building a scalability layer for NFTs to maximize liquidity & utility for a more accessible Web3 future. It enables liquidity with its composable protocols (i.e. P2P Rent, P2P loan, Staking) deployed across chains to facilitate value transfer and offer utility to existing NFT collection to build new distribution channels. 🌟 Composable Contracts: Take a loan for instant cash and put on rent to maximize returns from NFT assets at the same time ✨ Proposed ERC-7066 to bring locking functionalities into NFTs on EVM chains 🟢 Live on Solana, Mantle, Hedera, Polygon, and Other EVM-compatible chains We have a modular smart contract where conditional ownership protocol is the base for the below protocols :
  • Rent Protocol: Assist NFT owners in generating interest from an idle asset. We provide smart registry as well as wrapped token method to enable rentals for end users on EVM whereas on Solana, rentals are enabled by transfer of actual NFT and using freezing authority. Protocol feature includes
    • Private rentals for whitelisted users
    • Custom Payment Token to bring balance between sink & faucet for economy
    • To Learn more, Go to Rent Protocol Section and Explore Integration here
  • Loan Protocol: It is a peer-to-peer decentralized NFT-backed loan protocol. The borrower can deposit NFT from any collection to get an instant loan whereas lenders can place in a bidding pool for a collection. We've simplified term loans by providing fixed-term loans.
  • Utility Protocol: Add exclusive offers to specific NFT collections and attract engagement from holders. It helps creators with new distribution channels.

How StreamNFT Protocol is Unique?

  • Escrow-less: NFT is never kept in an escrow account. Instead, it is sent to the relevant address and then NFT is frozen so that the conditional owner cannot move the asset while using the rent/loan protocol.
  • Collateral-less: No need to squeeze liquidity by providing collateral to access rent and loan protocol. StreamNFT protocol transfers NFTs in a secure and restrictive way with pre-determined conditions, eliminating the need for collateral.
  • Composable: It's not possible to use multiple financial instruments at a time but we've made this a reality. StreamNFT can enable the use of loans and rentals at a time by atomic transactions. Imagine taking a loan and then putting it on rentals to maximize liquidity.
NFTs on EVM are not inherently lockable, therefore StreamNFT has proposed ERC7066 to enable escrowless financialization tools on EVM.