How does it work?

In the ever-evolving landscape of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the Protocol stands as a revolutionary framework designed to enhance the utility and engagement of NFTs post-mint. By integrating a dynamic and modular approach, the Protocol enables seamless interaction between various stakeholders, including NFT creators, brands, GameFi projects, DAOs, and individual holders. This document provides a comprehensive overview of how the Protocol functions and the benefits it brings to the NFT ecosystem.

Core Components of the Protocol

  1. Smart Contracts: At the heart of the Protocol are smart contracts, which ensure secure, transparent, and automated execution of benefit functions. These contracts are deployed on-chain and can interact with multiple blockchain networks, enabling cross-chain operability among benefits.

  2. Utility Portal: The Utility Portal serves as the interface where stakeholders can create, manage, and redeem utilities. It acts as a hub for all activities related to post-mint NFT utility, providing a user-friendly experience for both creators and holders.

  3. Modular Utility Framework: The protocol is designed to be modular, allowing for the easy addition and customization of utilities. This framework supports various utilities, from physical product redemption to exclusive digital content access and governance participation across chains.

Workflow of the Product Protocol

1. Creation of Utilities

  • On-chain benefits: NFT creators, brands, and other stakeholders can offer tangible benefits and post them on-chain with the Benefits protocol. They can define various benefits such as discounts, event access, consultations, etc.

  • Smart Contract Deployment: Each utility is encoded into a smart contract, ensuring that terms and conditions are immutable and transparent. These contracts are deployed on across the blockchain, making them accessible to all relevant parties.

2. Utility Management

  • Dashboard Access: Stakeholders access a centralized dashboard on the Utility Portal to manage their benefits. This includes updating offerings, setting redemption conditions, and monitoring engagement metrics.

  • Interoperability: The modular framework allows utilities to be interoperable across different NFT collections and blockchain networks, enhancing the scope and reach of each offering.

3. Utility Redemption

  • Holder Interaction: NFT holders can browse available benefits through the Utility Portal. They can see detailed information about each benefit, including how to redeem it and any associated conditions.

  • Redemption Process: When an NFT holder chooses to redeem a benefit, the corresponding smart contract is triggered. This ensures the utility is provided in a secure and automated manner, whether itโ€™s shipping a physical product, granting access to an event, or unlocking digital content.

4. Tracking and Reporting

  • Real-Time Analytics: The Utility Portal provides real-time analytics and reporting tools. Stakeholders can track the performance of their offerings, monitor engagement levels, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Benefits of the Protocol

1. For Retail/Investor Holders

  • Value Appreciation: The ongoing utility can increase the perceived value and market demand for their NFTs.

  • Tangible Benefits: NFT holders gain access to a wide range of tangible and intangible benefits, enhancing the overall ownership experience.

  1. For NFT Creators and Collections

  • Enhanced Value Proposition: By offering diverse and engaging utilities, NFT creators can significantly enhance the value proposition of their collections.

  • Increased Engagement: Continuous interaction with holders through utilities fosters a loyal and active community.

  1. For Brands and Partners

  • New Marketing Channels: Brands can leverage the Product Protocol to reach targeted audiences within the NFT ecosystem, offering exclusive promotions and experiences.

  • Collaborative Opportunities: Partnerships with NFT projects can lead to innovative collaborations, expanding brand presence in the digital space.

  1. For GameFi Projects

  • Expanded Reach: GameFi projects can integrate NFT utilities to attract new players and enhance in-game experiences.

  • Reward Mechanisms: NFTs can be used as avatars or items within games, providing additional rewards and engagement opportunities for players.

  1. For DAOs and Communities

  • Governance Participation: DAOs can use the protocol to grant voting rights and other governance utilities to specific NFT holders, promoting decentralized decision-making.

  • Community Building: Shared utilities can strengthen community bonds and foster active participation in DAO activities.


The Benefit Protocol is a game-changer in the NFT space, transforming static digital assets into dynamic and value-rich experiences. By fostering collaboration among various stakeholders and providing a robust infrastructure for utility management, the protocol ensures that NFTs continue to offer value long after the initial mint. This not only enhances the NFT ecosystem but also paves the way for innovative applications and sustainable growth.

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