Protocol Overview ( Solana )

NFT 2.0 - Composable Cross-chain Protocol
StreamNFT secures tokens through a set of contracts deployed that are managed by the smart contract. NFT Owner can simply invoke the smart contract and initialize, sets the rules of the contract, and deposits their NFT to the protocol. Borrowers, or customers, can claim the token, and get conditional ownership as parameters set by the issuer. We have a modular smart contract where conditional ownership protocol is the base for the below protocols :
  • Rent Protocol - Assist NFT owners in generating interest from an idle asset. Protocol transfers NFT to the renter's wallet and enable
  • Loan Protocol - To provide liquidity to NFT holders without sending it to an escrow account, meaning that they can still use an asset for its utility while the loan is active.
  • Token Gated Access - An Issuer can set a duration, and if the current time is greater than the expiration, it can be withdrawn from PDA

How StreamNFT Protocol is Unique?

  • Escrow-less : NFT is never kept in an escrow account. Instead, it is sent to the relevant address and then NFT is frozen so that the conditional owner cannot move the asset while using the rent/loan protocol.
  • Collateral-less : No need to squeeze liquidity by providing collateral to access rent and loan protocol. StreamNFT protocol transfers NFTs in a secure and restrictive way with pre-determined conditions, eliminating the need for collateral
  • Composable : It's not possible to use multiple financial instruments at a time but we've made this a reality. With an escrow-less transfer, StreamNFT can enable the use of loans and rentals at a time by atomic transactions. Imagine taking a loan and then putting it on rentals to maximize liquidity.